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New MediaWhat is New Media? In the past, radio, television, cable, satellite and specialty TV were the “new media”. But with emerging technology, New Media now refers to any digital communication through various forms of technology, particularly the Internet, streaming audio and video, interactive multimedia presentations, and computer animation. In the marketing arena, the term encompasses mobile ads, digital displays in public places, viral campaigns, corporate blogs, “Tweets”, “Facebook” ads, and email campaigns.

With two-thirds of the total Canadian population online every month, Canadian businesses have responded to consumer passion for the new forms of communication. Last year, 81% of private Canadian firms used high-speed or T1 links to the Internet – impressive growth compared to 2001 when less than one-half of private firms using the Internet had a broadband connection. Financial institutions have successfully implemented the new technologies as recent statistics show.

New Media has been integrated into the marketing world for a number of years now with Internet advertising set to harness 7% of total ad spend in Canada for 2006. Online advertising for financial services is a critical component in a broad marketing campaign. With a call to action leading to the Web site, there is no end to the messaging you can provide. With the rise of digital technologies and electronic modes of communication, new media has implemented itself into society in the blink of an eye, or the click of a mouse. The challenge: how do you allocate your marketing dollar?

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