Client Referrals

“Kaleidoscope worked in partnership with multiple Microsoft stakeholders to conceive and create the Microsoft “Cooking Up Compliance Solutions” series of events. This series was very strategic in nature, targeting a senior BDM audience critical to success in this solution area.

Highly personalized, the events drew potential clients that had not previously had a relationship with Microsoft, enabling the marketing and sales teams to communicate the compliance message, build new relationships and uncover business opportunities.

Within 4 months, 14 opportunities have been optimized totaling over $3.1M. We expect the net new opportunities to climb steadily over the next few quarters – building upon the current 1 net new that has been initiated with a value of $500k – well worth the investment.

Kaleidoscope brings a combination of strategic thinking with a clear understanding of our business, solutions and 3rd party partners to the table. They have the ability to leverage internal contacts, current Microsoft vendors and their team brings all the pieces together to deliver successful events with an enviable ROI.”

 Elizabeth Caley, Manager, Office Server Business, Microsoft Canada


“Over the past 4 years, I have traveled the world on behalf of Microsoft speaking about compliance-related issues. Recently, I attended one of the best events I have participated in. Developed by Kaleidoscope Marketing for the Microsoft Enterprise Telecom team in Canada, it combined my presentation with a gourmet cooking class and wine pairing. The attendees were all senior-level decision makers who had the opportunity to mingle with the sales team and discuss their specific compliance challenges in an intimate and relaxing environment.”

 Jeff Jinnett, Managing Director, Compliance, Financial Services Group, Swingtide, Inc.


“The Canadian Investment Awards celebrates excellence within the Financial Services industry and we are proud to have included Kaleidoscope Marketing and Communications as our Strategic Marketing Partner for the third year. Their full service approach and marketing strategies have helped us increase the level of sophistication of the CIA brand while maintaining a recognizable mark of quality within the industry. Through a series of ads, web banners, press releases and other communications strategies, we were able to make a direct impact on our target market and increase brand awareness as well as sell out the 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 Gala event in record numbers. This was especially relevant in the challenging economic environments of both 2008 and 2009.

This year, Kaleidoscope managed all aspects of the gala including logistics, sponsor management, décor, food and presentations for over 600 people.

Feedback was that this years’ gala was the best yet. The Canadian Investment Awards would like to thank Kaleidoscope for this partnership and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

Sabine Steinbrecher, President and Founder,The Canadian Investment Awards


“I want to say how much I enjoyed the evening last night. It was certainly a pleasure and a good mix of personal and business throughout the night.

The personal invitation and communication prior to the event convinced me to attend and I am very glad I did. I really enjoyed meeting Mr. Sittler (brings back childhood memories) and I found the IPTV presentation very interesting. Thanks for including me in an informational event!”

Senior Product Manager, IP, Converged Services, MTS Allstream


“DealerAccess has enjoyed a strong relationship with Kaleidoscope for almost 2 years – the majority of it as our Agency-of-Record. I consider them to be a valuable strategic marketing partner that has driven us to promote our business in new ways. They took the time to fully understand our industry and the unique challenges of marketing to the automotive industry.

In addition, Kaleidoscope understands the financial services component of our business and the relationships we have with both prime and sub-prime lenders.  Working with our senior management team, they helped develop all of our promotional materials, including two major contests per year, sales support materials, press releases, web updates and new product launches. They have worked on the re-branding as DealerAccess became part of DealerTrack – one of the largest automotive portals in the U.S. I would strongly recommend Kaleidoscope to be part of any B2B strategic marketing team.”

David Trinder, President , DealerTrack Aftermarket Services Inc. and President & CEO, DealerAccess Canada Inc.


“From a simple logo, Kate took Basis100 to a national brand, incorporating separate business lines and products across Canada and the United States into a cohesive brand strategy.”

 Gary Bartholomew, Chairman and CEO, Basis100, EMT and TruState International – all Kaleidoscope clients


“Kaleidoscope provided our firm with a professional, tech savvy look that now positions us competitively in the ERP marketplace. They have been at the forefront of social media and by determining segmented marketing audiences and communication strategies, we have seen enormous growth within our business.”

Carol Hanley, President, Hanco Enterprises and Technologies – North America


“ Kaleidoscope really understood what we were trying to achieve. Through targeted focus groups, they captured valuable insights that led to our name as well as all branding and market positioning. They put considerable energy into my business success and are an integral part of my team.

Dina Lieberman, Founder, MobilizeChange


“Yvette’s management expertise and mix of strategic marketing, tactical strengths and creative energy have contributed to our success in maintaining straight-forward investment messaging.”

  Barb Kerfont, Director, Marketing for Investments,  Day-to-day and Electronic Banking, Scotiabank


“The market research that you conducted allowed us to explore new market opportunities we had not previously considered. Thank you for developing creative and innovative materials for both the Fund Library  and f/A Connect.”

Tracy Wood, President,  f/A Connect, Fund Library and Communicopia


“My compliments to you on running the Office of Tomorrow event to produce sales leads and a return on investment! This presentation was the best I have seen by any exhibitor, and I’ve attended a lot of trade shows. I was impressed that you took over the whole event, insuring that each detail was to drive sales leads – from special booth positions, to speakers, and commenting that you would generate sales leads from 75% of attendees. Very impressive. With the emphasis on trade shows to generate a return on investment, you certainly are on track.”

Joseph Viviani, Publisher, Windows in Financial Services


“I’d like to convey my appreciation for your great value-add approach and in being part of the team to create and develop the direct marketing piece for the Scotiabank Young Investors Fund. Reaching an 8% response rate reflected the success of this program.  Thank you and I look forward to the next opportunity to work together.”

Woodrow Pelley, (former) VP Marketing, Scotia Securities


“Krys Matiachuk, one of Concentra Financial’s underwriters and an AMP, heard the CIMBL radio ad yesterday and was very impressed.  She said it caught her attention when usually the radio in the car is just background.  Thanks to Kaleidoscope we have increased our membership faster than we had hoped!”

  Mark Webb, VP Education and Professional Affairs, CIMBL (Now CAAMP , Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals)


“The Insurance Canada event that Microsoft Canada participated in was one of our best run meetings and lead to great customer follow-up through very effective communication of our People Ready message.”

Dennis Maroney, Industry Manager , Financial Services Worldwide Commercial Sector,   Microsoft USA


“Kaleidoscope develops and creates marketing campaigns on behalf of Microsoft Canada that target the financial services industry. They were able to quickly pull together an interesting and creative solution for our business objectives.

They have taken a fresh approach to driving revenue within the financial services vertical, delivering relevant information to the audience. Their expertise was invaluable and was exhibited in the development of a robust database, to the development and production of all marketing collateral, to the project management of multiple third parties, through to their on-site event management. The blend of knowledge of the technology industry and the financial services industry make them a highly valued marketing partner.

I recommend Kaleidoscope to deliver powerful creative and audience-specific campaigns in their marketing initiatives.”

Susan Sharp, (former) Senior Marketing Manager, FinServ, Microsoft Canada


“As Industry Marketing Manager, Financial Services at Microsoft Canada, I have a mandate to provide knowledge-based communication that will generate business opportunities for our sales teams. The target market is very niche within the Canadian Financial Services industry and as such, we often require the services of an agency that specializes in strong vertical relevance.  

Kaleidoscope has been a valued marketing and communications partner in delivering results for the Microsoft Canada Financial Services team for almost 5 years. At this year’s OTX we were able to provide insight to attendees by showcasing valuable solutions that deal specifically with today’s changing financial services industry. Kaleidoscope, as an integral marketing partner pulled it all together for us. I would like to thank Kaleidoscope for their strategic vision and management of the Microsoft sponsorship of this event. This resulted in us obtaining a record number of qualified prospects which helps demonstrate the value of future sponsorship investments.”

  Derek Gooderham, National Industry Marketing Manager, Financial Services,   Microsoft Canada


“The Financial Services team has been making substantial inroads developing relationships with senior business decision-makers over the past four years.

Kaleidoscope has been a trusted advisor to the enterprise team during that time and has been instrumental in building the Microsoft brand in the financial services industry. Their turn-key event management includes all logistics but is particularly valuable for the strategy and industry insight that they bring to the table – I can be confident that the messaging is relevant and that each event is customized for the audience. Their data intelligence team has substantially increased our database of executive business decision-makers in multiple areas of the financial services industry including capital markets, insurance, and banking. This has been especially effective for the “Smart Solutions Breakfast Series” and “Cooking Up Compliance Solutions” series of events, ensuring that executives participate, enabling our sales team an excellent opportunity to build relationships.

I consider Kaleidoscope a key member of my team in delivering strategic and executionally flawless events.”

Derek Gooderham, National Industry Marketing Manager, Financial Services,   Microsoft Canada


Kaleidoscope created an advertising campaign, along with online banner ads that positioned our new brand as both professional and creative. A strong tagline of “Get Wired and Connected” explained the value to our audience. We have three specific business streams that are key participants, leading to the success of this event; Business Decision Makers, Advisors and Assistants. Kaleidoscope strategically targeted each of these streams with creative copywriting and design that caught their attention!”

  Tessa Wilmot, Editor, Investment Executive


“We used public relations to increase the profile of Basis100. Kate’s public relations knowledge and strategic direction helped take the company to the next level.” 

Lance MacIntosh, CFO and Investor Relations,  Basis100


“We are currently in phase 1 of our public relations plan of which Kaleidoscope helped us to develop. This included a PR strategy as well as the writing of press releases and advertorials. We have been very pleased with the direct correlation to increased revenue with our results.”

David Trinder, CEO/President, DealerAccess Canada



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